Dad I Miss You

So laying in bed with my Little Dude Seth (he is 4) he was explaining to me that he had been sad and scared last week (2019-2020 fire season) and each time I leave the house in my fireman uniform.

One of Seth Favorite things to do is sit in the trucks at the station (Rocky Point Rural Fire Brigade.)

When I dug down into some simple questions on why was he scared he explained

  • I missed you dad
  • the fires are bad and I scared you get hurt
  • it made me cry when I saw how bad the fires where as it made me miss you more.
  • others lost their Dad at Christmas. ( 5 firefighters where lost during this time)

He then went on to say that he was happy for his dad to be a firefighter, as people need Dad’s like you.

We as Dad and Fire Fighters need Son’s and Family like you Seth who keep us going and just make the hard time seem worth it.

It brought home how these events effect our kids at all ages and how he has understood what is happening and he also understands that he lets his dad go to help save others Dad’s and Mum’s.

It made a tear come to my eye as he then just laid there holding my arm tight saying I am happy now as you are here and I missed you and love you.

Team always remember to talk to your little ones no matter how old or young they are as the events that have been unfolding have effects on our families as much as it has on us.

He is only 4 and hasn’t watch any TV news and only seen the videos I or my partner have shown or shared with him including ones of myself over the last 4 months on the fire grounds.

Our families also give so much to allow us to respond to our community and sometimes we don’t always notice what or how this effects them.

Love you Seth and Elise ‘Lisey’ as I could not do what I have without their love and understanding

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