My Solution to making sure I have the right gear on me.

So in the past two years I have been trialing a number of bags to carry my supplies in for my Ileostomy (Stoma), and have found it hard to find a suitably sized bag. Then I came across this bag from one of my suppliers when I ran Cardiac Safe. ​

This bag allows for the perfect amount of storage and easy to access all the gear I with out having to dig through a big open one pouch bag, which is the common style of bag supplied by many of Stoma supply companies. I would love to work with a company that manufacture and supplies Stoma products as the current bags they have are very much like a one pouch makeup mage.

The one question I do get asked a bit is, "what is in the black bag"?

As this bag never leaves my side, and is never far away many people notice that I have what they think a man bag. It is always in the car, and when I get called our for land-searches, or fire operations with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services it is often in my back pack or stored behind or under my seat. The contents in this bag are important, as they ensure that if I have a leak or accidental damage my bags (which neither happen often, only has happen twice in 2 years) I can change over the appliance or repair the issue then and there and stopping a messy situation.

So back to the question, what do you have in your black bag? Below is a list of the contents I have in my bag to ensure that I am prepared for anything that comes my way.

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